The Turnidges Blame Each Other for the Woodburn Bombing

The Turnidges Blame Each Other for the Woodburn Bombing


The lawyers of Joshua Turnidge and Bruce Turnidge, son and father respectively, revealed that the two are blaming each other for the Woodburn bombing. Each lawyer took turns declaring that their client is innocent, and implicating the other for the bombing.

Steven Krasik, the lawyer of Joshua Turnidge, made his opening statement by saying that Joshua had heard his father talk about various schemes to rob banks with the use of helicopters or explosives. Krasik further stated that his client, the morning after the bombing, heard his father mumble that nobody is supposed to get hurt.

John Storkel, defense lawyer of Bruce Turnidge, said that Joshua is a liar and that he was the one who was linked to the purchase of the 2 cellular phones, which were used as part of the failed attempt for bank robbery, and bombing.

Both father and son are facing 18 counts of aggravated murder, assault, and also attempted aggravated murder which resulted from the Woodburn bombing.

People were killed during that bombing, including police Capt. Tom Tennant, senior trooper William Hakim. Police Chief Scott Russell lost his leg in the said bombing.

The prosecutors said in their opening statements that the Turnidges actually harbored anti-government feelings.

The district attorney’s office of Marion County is planning to seek for death penalty if conviction would be made on the Turnidges.