Understanding Marketing Part 1

Understanding Marketing Part 1

Whether you are building a Law Firm, Financial Services Company, a Real Estate Office or any other business the first principle to accept is that marketing is everything. Marketing is your number one priority.  Having the mindset of marketing first is essential whether you are developing a start-up or you are a seasoned professional seeking a fresh start.

Marketing cannot be ignored

Marketing is not about a final destination it is developing a system to generate customers on an ongoing basis.   Your strategy should include passive residual outcomes and one in which you play an active role.  It is a system that never goes to sleep. Marketing is not about one event or aspect of your business and then you’re done.  It is a consistent system that is continually evaluated and when necessary tweaked or changed to bring a higher ROI.

An effective marketing strategy begins with the end in mind. What are your corporation’s long-term goals? What is the exit strategy for your corporation?   How much revenue do you project or desire?  How many employees will your business employ?  Asking yourself questions like these will assist you in setting a long term focused marketing strategy that will bring sustainable, ever increasing positive results to your business.  In other words, more work than you can possibly handle!

The first in a 3 part series on understanding marketing. If you would like to check out part 2 and three, you can do so using the navigation below.