Unfair Marketing: Buying your competitors keywords.

Unfair Marketing: Buying your competitors keywords.

When it comes to effectively marketing your law firm the key is to drive potential clients to your practice. Filling the pipeline with potential and ultimately clients ready, willing and able to pay your retainer, fees and enter into a contractual relationship with your firm for many years to come.  Developing life long clients depending on your filed of expertise is the ultimate goal.

However, when it comes to marketing ethics, morality and the highest standards possible are the “watch words” for long-term success.  Having a prudent marketing plan is essential.  Choosing tactics and setting strategies that work are prudent.  Utilizing unfair marketing practices may earn you short-term successes but eventually will be met with long-term potential disasters.

Internet marketing researchers have developed several strategies that contain potential negative consequences for a law firm.  These marketers are the slick minded, get you to the top of the search engines quickly strategists you want to steer clear of.  Black hat techniques, i.e. utilizing strategies that are frowned upon by the search engines themselves, at first glance may be appealing however, in the long run could not only ruin your law firms reputation but get your web site banned from the search engines.

See the common mistakes your law firm should avoid.

A recent strategy emerging, may not cause you search engine challenges but it could cost your reputation dearly.  Utilizing another firm’s keywords in your search engine strategy.  That is utilizing another firms name in an article for keyword purposes.  Therefore when a potential client performs a local search for that particular firm your firm’s web site would lead the list.  Thus offering your firm a high potential of winning over a competitor’s potential client to your firm.

Is this practice legal?  Yes it is a legal marketing technique. Is this practice ethical?  A recent random poll of attorneys indicates that not only is it unethical their firm would cease all future business with a marketing company that utilized this tactic for their firms internet search engine strategy.