Updated Brand Marks the Entry of Toastmasters International into a New Era

Updated Brand Marks the Entry of Toastmasters International into a New Era



Toastmasters International, the largest non-profit organization in the world, is updating its brand for the first time in seventy years. The organization, which is focused on harnessing communication and leadership skills of its members, revealed its new brand identity today in Las Vegas, Nevada at its International Convention.

As part of the effort to rebrand itself, Toastmasters International has also made changes to its logo, fonts, colors, imagery and messaging to make the organization’s identity more explicit and clearer, as well as to increase awareness of its impact on the global level and make leadership their focal point.

According to Pat Johnson, the President of Toastmasters International, “Despite the fact that Toastmasters International is a global organization, we have suffered from an inconsistent understanding of what we do and how members benefit.”

He also said, “For many people, Toastmasters is synonymous with public speaking, but we are much more than that. We are not your grandfather’s Toastmasters.”

Present day members of Toastmasters are ethnically and culturally diverse, representing various ages and professions, gathering in corporations and communities in 116 countries.

While over 250,000 members regularly attend around 13,000 weekly club meetings, how they experience those gatherings and describe their personal encounters largely vary from one member to another, and from club to club.

One important thing to note, however, is that the updating of their brand does not affect or change the core programs of the organization with regards to leadership and communication skill-building. Instead, their brand refresh gives potential members a clearer picture of what to expect when they visit any Toastmaster’s club anywhere in the world.

As Toastmaster International President Pat Johnson said, “The refreshed brand reflects the organization’s evolution while honoring its heritage. It allows us to unite and grow in exciting new ways.”