US Elections to Decide the Fate of Online Gambling

US Elections to Decide the Fate of Online Gambling


At current time, there is only a little news on the legalization of online gambling in the U.S. This can be attributed to the fact that everybody is preoccupied with the coming mid-term elections on November 2. Whether proposed online gambling regulations and legalization will come to a naught or not, would all depend on the results of the November 2 elections. If many Democrats would be winning, then there is a huge probability that the legislations on online gambling will be moving ahead. However, if the Republicans would win the numbers, then the said bills might not move an inch.

One particular group that has been supporting processes that aim for the legalization of online gambling was Poker Players Alliance or PPA. PokerPAC is the political action committee of said group. It has been tracking who among the legislators are most likely to support online gambling. In fact, it released a list of Congressional candidates for the mid-term elections, whom they consider as among those who will be supporting online gambling.

The chairmen of PokerPAC, former Congressman Toby Moffett and former Senator Alfonse D’Amato in a joint statement said that the mid-term elections is very important in ensuring that the candidates who would be elected are those who support poker players’ rights. They also said that, “PokerPAC is proud to endorse these candidates who have been advocates for poker players and this great game we all love.”

Groups like PPA and iMEGA, who are advocates of online gambling have lost various cases in the Supreme Courts in different states. PokerPAC is now calling upon all players to vote for the list that they had released in order to eventually see online gambling legalized. The November 2 elections shall hold the fate of online gambling in the U.S.