Use Direct Mail to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Use Direct Mail to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your business depends on drawing customers and potential customers to your website. While there are numerous ways to make this happen, direct mail is one technique that’s often overlooked.  This approach taps into buyers’ psychology in ways that aren’t easily duplicated – and in many cases, directly contradict – the claims made for email advertising.
Why It Works

Obviously, a direct mail piece is more personal than email. People can touch and feel it. A flier or postcard in a person’s hands makes them feel more connected to the company and the product or service it’s telling you about.

Also, with a website address on a piece of direct mail, there’s no need to memorize it for the next time you’re at the computer. All you have to do is carry the card or newsletter to your laptop and type in the URL.

Direct mail targets your audience more effectively than email. Online marketing has a far broader and blunter approach, so you can’t ever be sure who’s on the receiving end. And by reaching a targeted audience, you can customize your message so people don’t feel they’re just part of some impersonal mass mailing.

How to Do It

To drive traffic to your website through direct mail, keep these tips in mind:

Make your content personal. Readers are drawn to copy that includes personalized teasers, inviting headlines and subheads—anything that suggests you’re trying to reach out to each and every one of them.

Create a user-friendly web address. Since the URL you want people to go to can’t be “clicked on” from a postcard or flier, your job is to create a website address that’s easy to remember and easy to type. Short and simple-to-spell are key elements.

Always have a compelling offer. Just inviting people to visit your website won’t work. As with any direct mail piece, you should include a compelling offer—special discount, free one-time offer, newsletter, etc.—something people feel they must have by clicking on your site.

Include a call-to-action and deadline. Customers most often respond when they understand how to do it and when they’re told there’s only a limited time-span to reply. Something like “Go to today for 30% off your next repair job. Offer expires in three days” should get their attention.

Create a special landing page. Yes, it’s great when a direct mail piece inspires people to visit your website. But unless the page you direct them to is clear, easy-to-navigate and free of distractions, you may want to consider building a special landing page. Include this landing page URL in your direct mail piece. This way, you can track responses, collect valuable user information and start planning future direct marking campaigns.

We all know how easy it is to ignore email ads. One click and they’re gone. When a direct mail piece arrives at your home, like most people, you’re likely to look it over and—if the message appeals to you—hold on it and take action later. Studies show that direct mail influences the majority of Internet users to purchase a product or service online. It’s a tool you shouldn’t ignore.

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