Verizon Sued by Centre Law Group for Internet Service

Verizon Sued by Centre Law Group for Internet Service



Centre Law Group LLC today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia to compel Verizon Business to re-establish its T1 Internet service. The T1 office service of Centre went down August 28, 2011 in Hurricane Irene’s wake. The IT team of Centre tried to patiently call Verizon every day, for several hours at a time, since their Internet connection went down, trying to get Verizon to restore their service, but to no avail.

Verizon vacillated with their reasons, claiming at one point that the issue resided at the office of Centre, and telling the IT of Centre that the problem was at the office of Verizon, then saying one more time that the problem was at Centre, and back and forth. Finally, the Internet company conceded that the issue resides on their end.

On August 31, 2011, Centre Senior Attorney Eric Crusius and the law firm’s IT staff spent more than 4 hours on the phone with different Verizon personnel. On September 1, 2011, or 5 days after the service has been down, Verizon finally claimed that they were able to narrow down the issue in one of their central offices. The problem is that they could not find the correct personnel that can fix the issue. After making numerous phone calls, include one made at 4 AM, the Centre’s IT staff received a report from one of the Verizon managers saying that their controllers were faulty and would change them overnight.

However, day 6 came and went but the T1 service connection of Centre has not been restored yet and so, with no clear end in sight, the law firm decided to file a lawsuit in Fairfax, VA to compel Verizon to fix the problem and restore their T1 Internet service.