Was there Murder? Gallo’s Fate is Now in the Hands of the Jury

Was there Murder? Gallo’s Fate is Now in the Hands of the Jury


The defense and the prosecution have made their final arguments on the death of Angels’ pitcher Nick Adenhart. Andrew Thomas Gallo’s fate is now in the hands of the jury.

In her closing arguments, Jacqueline Goodman, Gallo’s lawyer, said that Gallo did not have the intention to kill at the night Adenhart and his friends died. She argued that Gallo had no intention to drive the SUV that collided with the vehicle that Adenhart and his friends were driving at the time.

Gallo was trying to overcome his alcohol addiction at the time of the crash, and always had a designated driver with him. When the April 9, 2009 collision happened, it was his stepbrother and designated driver, Raymond Rivera, who pushed him to drink at that bikini bar at West Covina before the incident.

Gallo had been convicted of DUI three years before the crash. The prosecutor, Atty. Susan Price, argued that Gallo must know the dangerous consequences of driving while intoxicated. Hours after the crash, Gallo showed 0.19% blood-alcohol levels, which is more than twice the acceptable range.

Price asked the jury for the conviction of Gallo on 3 counts of second-degree murder, felony hit and run, and also felony DUI. If Gallo would be convicted on all the charges, he would be facing 55 years to life, imprisonment.

Jury has already begun the deliberation.