Branding and Marketing your Law Firm

On 27.05.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

Developing a strategic marketing plan for your law firm may be the single most important task you will face in the construction of your law firm.  When focusing on the construction of anything we set out to accomplish whether it is an actual building, a business, a family, personal finance, an investment strategy or game plan it is imperative to ensure that the foundation is rock solid.  Starting off on a sandy base could prove fatal to your long-term success.

The Wells and Drew companies have an established, reputable and duplicate-able system of success for your firm. Over the past several weeks we have published a series of foundational articles that a newly formed firm or a seasoned team of established attorneys could implement from the ground up and build a successful and dominant business.

This article is designed to consolidate the practical advice in a quick round up of marketing and branding techniques that will propel your firm’s growth beyond expectations.

Remember success leaves clues and you can get the facts right here. Why waste thousands of dollars and your precious time attempting to figure out the best path to success when you can get it all right here from the Wells and Drew Companies, since 1855!