Clarity is the name of the game.

On 26.08.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Clarity is the name of the game.

Most law firms never achieve the success they deserve. Most attorneys have a high potential for success.  Their analytical skills are second to no other profession on earth.  Their ability and potential to earn substantial income and a profitable and ever expanding law firm is limitless.  If that is the case then why do so many law firms simply survive?  Surely survival is relative, surviving on $250,000 annually is much nicer than surviving on $50,000 of other professions.

Yet, if the potential is limitless why do attorneys accept mediocrity?

They simply do not recognize the importance or the purpose of setting goals. Becoming a conscious goal setter brings the bigger picture into focus.   Clarity of where you and the team are heading will essentially develop into achievable success.  The winning formula is to set you sights beyond the horizon of and for achievement.

What is a goal?

A goal is simply setting your site on a worthy objective or target and not stopping until you have attained the objective.  A secondary feature or aspect of your goals is the directions or road map needed to attain the objective.  Having the courage to press on comes from the recognition that you will attain your goals.  Winners set goals and they live a life of extraordinary success.  Law firms that follow suit will meet with the same success!