Clear concise mental picture

On 25.06.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Of all the advice offered by Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic, “Think and Grow Rich” probably the most pertinent concept is the idea of CCMP.  What exactly is a CCMP?  It is a clear, concise, mental picture of the thing you most want to attain.  Seeing the end before you ever get to it is imperative.

Often the development of a business plan, marketing strategy and the staffing of your law firm may seem to be good enough, but it must be taken one step further.  Law firms that attain the goals they have set for their growth always have a clear, concise mental picture of the end result.  The designers of the firm have the end in mind when they start the journey.  They continue to maintain a clear vision of the ultimate goal  and take action on a daily basis to attain that goal.

Knowing what you want in all areas of life is helpful in this process.  Many people take this step too lightly and it shows in the results that they attain.  A simple dream session can assist your law firm’s development ten-fold if you simply take the time to do it.  Successful people recognize the difference between a want and a commitment to build a lucrative life changing business.  See it, believe it, and then attain it!