Client Development your number one task

On 28.05.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

When we think of the term client development the idea of building a book of business by a stock broker, sales person or an insurance professional comes to mind.  How in the world does a reputable attorney develop a client base?  Well the T.P.E. method will certainly come into play here.  Time, Persistence and Effort is the key to success.

Time, it certainly takes time to develop credibility with our peers, clients, media, and other referral sources.  Remember a law firm is a  “People” business.  The first rule when it comes to a people business is “Always Treat People Well”!  Not once in awhile, only when they are people that can offer you something in return or if they are “good” clients, ALWAYS!  Over time your reputation will attract more people than you can possibly serve.

Persistence, always be persistent, surely you will make mistakes.  In fact you may even make people mistakes.  But persistence overcomes all mistakes.  Winston Churchill is famous for the line, “Never quit, no never, never, never”.  Perseverance will win you more new clients.  As you get the reputation as the “bulldog” when it comes to your clients it will pay off in dividends.

Effort, hey we all know this there are no magic bullets.  Leave that for the weight loss industry.  Work works 100% of the time.  Put your hand out when you feel like it and even more when you don’t.  Spread the word that your firm has room for a few more clients.  You are exclusive and work with a limited number of selected people.  Volunteer at the Kiwanis, Rotary, or Chamber of Commerce.  Make a call to the local newspapers and let them know that you have a great newsworthy idea for an article.  They will interview you.  The idea is put in the effort and the results will follow.