Drumming up referrals for your law firm

On 23.08.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Drumming up referrals for your law firm

The ultimate law firm marketing strategy is referrals.  Surely it sounds like a natural progression however if you are thinking like that you are dead wrong.  In fact, if you continue to think like that your firm will suffer.  Referrals are the life-blood of your law firm’s growth.  But earning referrals takes work, diligence and the important task of asking for them!  In other words you cannot be passive you must be actively drumming up referrals!

What does it mean to be drumming up referrals?

As the leader of your law firm’s marketing team you must have a proactive approach to locating prospective clients.  This is client development at it’s best.  As we have discussed in the past you must develop and rehearse a 30 to 60 second introduction of you and your firm that includes handing your business card off to the prospective client or referral source.  You may want to include a statement such as “we are a referral based law firm that takes pride in going the extra yard to be worthy of the confidence our clients have in us.”

Developing a strategy that converts one client into ten additional clients is essential! The idea of referrals must be planted right from the first consultation you have with a client.  If the potential client is a result of a referral you must mention the referrer at least three times in the first three minutes you meet with your new client.  For instance, “well it is so nice to meet you when I learned that client X referred you to us I knew immediately we would have a great fit, because client X is an outstanding individual in fact you are the third referral this month from client X.”

If the new client is not the result of a referral you may want to say something like, “now let me see here who referred you to us? And look at your file, oops I see you came from our website, wow I am sorry we operate primarily through referrals, in fact I can’t remember the last time I interviewed a potential client that was not a referral!”  Make referrals a priority for your firm and watch your business grow!