Evaluating your law firm

On 29.06.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

Building a law firm takes focus and hard work.  Having a business and marketing plan is essential if you are planning on substantial growth.  In the pursuit of prudent growth evaluating your firm’s progress is a key.  One simple tool in the evaluation process is the “Three-Leg Stool” evaluation.  The three-leg stool is a simple look at how your firm is doing.  Back in the 70’s when Ed Koch was the mayor of New York City he had the foresight to always ask his constituents one question.  “How am I doing”?

How am I doing? Is the key question to your firm’s evaluation process.  The end result is the growth of your firm.  The three-leg stool is a snap shot of your firm.  A three-leg stool can only function if all three legs are planted firmly on the ground.  If one leg is weak or missing the chair is useless.  For your law firm the legs that represent the firms chair are: 1) The consumer or firms clients, 2) the staff, and 3) the partners.

What are the questions that determine how I am doing with my clients?  Are we winning cases?  Are our customers happy with our service and communication?  If the answers are not positive you have an essential leg broken and your firm will fail unless you repair it immediately.

How am I doing with my staff?  If your staff members are not happy your clients will not be happy.  Having an informed, caring and professionally trained team adds strength to your stool!

Finally, are the partners reaping the rewards of a winning law firm?  If you and your partners are biting the bullet odds are that you will eventually crack with your staff, which in turn will fail for your clients.  Keeping all the legs on the stool strong will go a long way in building a super law firm.