Habits the key to your future part two!

On 25.08.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Habits the key to your future part two…

Building winning habits result in massive expansion and a prosperous law firm. The habit of successful communication is essential to your success as team leader and attorney for your clients.

What is a successful communication habit?

A successful communication habit is developing a strategy to keep your team informed, held accountable, and praised.  Additionally utilizing this strategy for your client base is essential as well.  The Team needs continued and open communication to be effective and efficient.  If you have not done so yet purchase a Blackberry or I-Phone (PDA) device. This is a great tool to stay in constant contact with staff, clients and the ancillary players or opposition in your practice.

A PDA enables you to receive and answer email on the run, send and receive text messages, store important documents, calendar and alarm features, telephone communications as well as surf the web if necessary.  A great habit to develop is the art of the quick praise text to a colleague, staff or team member.  Making it a habit to praise, hold accountable and inform your team will enable your team and law firm to grow and stay focused on the process. A quick text or email requesting a progress update coupled with a “great job” text can expand your horizons, build team unity and create a winning atmosphere rapidly!