Habits the key to your future

On 24.08.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Habits the key to your future!

Your habits are the key to your future.  It goes without saying that building a prosperous law firm is takes focus and diligence on the part of all of the team members.  Having a focus that looks to the future yet never overlooks the here and now is essential.  Developing a winning formula takes developing winning habits.  The strategy to develop winning habits is commitment to the habit, focus on the task, practice proficiently and persistence.

What is a winning habit?

A winning habit is any task that done on a consistent basis will lead the individual and the team to success of the overall goal or goals.  Winning habits include prospecting habits, sales habits, communication habits, and accountability habits to name a few.  Prospecting habits include a short business card presentation that should be accomplished a minimum of ten times per day.  To implement this strategy simply develop the presentation and practice it.  Understand that it will take some work and revisions so do not wait until it is perfect to set out utilizing this habit.

Sales habits are utilizing the prospecting results to your favor.  Simply handing out cards will do you no good unless you follow up with the prospect.  Always send thank you cards to your prospects, business referral sources, and folks you do business with either from the standpoint of customer or provider of services.  Thank you goes a long way!