Boost Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty, Using Augmented Reality Printing.(part 1)

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What would happen if Chipolte used Augmented Reality Printing?

To better understand augmented reality printing (referred to as AR printing) let’s use an example of how it can be used to increase sales and customer loyalty. (read what is augmented reality printing first)

Imagine if a nationwide food chain like Chipotle used AR Printing on their drink cups, with a small caption “download linkz app” scan logo for discounts and special promotions.

Increase Your Sales with AR printing

Now imagine that Chipotle just came out with a brand new sauce for burritos. Other than running a costly TV commercial, radio spot or online campaign they have no effective communication channel to reach their new and existing customers, until now.

They send a message to all the customers that scanned the Chipotle logo on the cup, inviting them to try the new sauce. It cost them practically nothing to do and is directly sent to their customer base.  If you ask me, that is pretty impressive.

But its on the back end that AR printing really shines. You can set a distance with AR printing (it uses your phone to track your distance), that says when someone who previously scanned our cup is within 3 miles of our store that an invite be automatically sent to their phone explaining the amazing new burrito sauce.

The result is selling more of your new burritos faster and more efficiently.

This is a very small example of what can be done with AR printing, there are literally hundreds of ways this could be integrated into a company’s marketing to increase sales.

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Blake Houser
Client Relations Manager

Blake Houser

Client Relations Manager at The Wells & Drew Companies
About the author:
Blake Houser is Client Relations Manager at Wells & Drew. In addition, he is the third generation in this family-owned speciality printing business.

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