Keith Brooks Hired by BigSquare Solutions as Director of Sales

On 22.03.11, In Legal Industry, by Blake

Keith Brooks Hired by BigSquare Solutions as Director of Sales

BigSquare Solutions recently introduced Keith Brooks as its new Director of Sales and Marketing. He will be responsible for all legal and professional service organizational sales activities all throughout the United States.

Brooks previously served as the Director of Sales at Adaptive Solutions Inc, a post he held for 4 years. He will now be based in the northeast corridor region near the city of Philadelphia, PA. Brooks had over 20 years of experience in sales and management in the legal industry, telecommunications and staffing.

“With his diverse background and successful track record, specifically within the legal industry, Keith has the proven talent and experience to expand our market base and maintain our leadership position at one of the most integral stages of our firm’s existence,” said Daniel Pasquarelli, the President of BigSquare Solutions. “His skills and accomplishments will be a great asset to our organization.”

For Brook’s part, he said that BigSquare Solutions represents the high point of innovation, solutions development and customer support in the industry. “It’s an honor to join a company with such vision and dedication.  I look forward to continuing that tradition and expanding our market,” said Books”

BigSquare Solutions offers true Business Intelligence solutions and services which allow law firms and professional service organizations to swiftly analyze, digest, anticipate, as well as act on problem areas and potential opportunities.

The information generated is targeted, meaningful, and can be delivered to all members of a particular organization in an easy to understand format.

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