Law firm website design, photos, images and artwork

On 26.05.10, In Print & Design, by Daniel Callahan

When designing your law firms website it is imperative to put thought into your choice of photos.  Simply tossing in photos that make the site attractive may be valuable for an art gallery but for a professional legal site there is more to photo selection than what meets the eye.  First and foremost always select photographs for you site that help to paint a picture in the minds eye of what information you are attempting to convey.   You may also choose to utilize graphics, artwork and charts to help tell the story.

Your content is extremely important and eye palatability is essential.  However, combining content and pertinent visual aids is a home run for your site.  Avoid clip art like the plaque.  A graphic artist can take a hand drawn sketch and turn it into an insert-able file such as pdf or jpeg for a small amount of money.  This is an investment that can turn an average document into an outstanding document.

When utilizing photographs of people make sure they are professional grade photos that convey a warm feeling for the reader.  Ensure that the background colors blend with the color scheme of your site as well.  There is nothing worse than a photo that simply looks out of place.  Furthermore do not purchase stock photos from a cheap online source.  Spend the extra few dollars to maintain unique and exclusive photos.  You want your site to have a flavor of uniqueness coupled with professionalism.  Utilizing stock photos could impede this tactic.

Finally make sure that your images are not too busy.  A photo, graphic or image should fit the article as a compliment and not as a distraction.  Be cautious when cropping an image to fit an article.  If the image or graphic is too busy you should crop out any ancillary items and hone in on what the focus is for the image.