Laws of Leadership

On 01.06.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

It is no secret that building a law firm is no different than building any business.  Of course there are specific aspects of building a law firm that are required that some businesses do not have for instance you must be a lawyer.   When it comes to building a formidable and reputable law firm leadership is everything.  When it comes to leadership there is no other expert to look to for the foundational principles than John Maxwell.

John is a friend, a best selling author, expert and speaker to fortune 500 corporations and their executives from all over the world.  In his book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” he describes the foundation of leadership for anyone interested in impacting others.  Leadership is about impacting other people in a way that brings them to action.  Leadership is not dictatorship if you dissect the techniques and tactics of great leaders you will find these principles in place.  Over the next few days we will look at the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and how they will assist you in building a law firm equipped to impact your community, state and beyond.

The Law of the Lid.  Leaders are competent, trustworthy, reputable, skilled, educated, and impact-full.  A leader can only lead up to his or her ability and skill level.  In other words there is a lid to the level a leader can take his or her team.  Therefore, a leader must always be honing his or her skills as a leader.

The Law of Influence.  Leadership relies on influence.  Leaders must be skilled communicators they must understand and bond with their team.  Leadership is not an assignment, automatic or based upon title.  A leader is a skilled professional that develops the skills of leadership.  Leaders are influencers!