Logo design; your first impression counts.

On 24.05.10, In Print & Design, by Daniel Callahan

Thinking of designing your own logo?  Stop right there!  Do not make the mistake that others have made for you.  Utilizing a professional graphic artist that specializes in Logo design for Law Firms is the only way to go.  Surely in marketing your law firm you will hear the professionals warn you that each aspect of your plan is the most important.  Truth be known they are correct.   Each step along the way leads to the next step.  Taking short cuts at any one step could cause a rippling effect of negative consequences to your marketing strategy.

Client development is a calculated process.  Certainly you have heard it said, “First impressions are everything” and “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression”.  These are facts not to be taken lightly.  Your law firm’s logo helps to professionally brand your business.  Think of it in this regard treat your logo as if you are hiring it as you would an associate.  Would you hire the first attorney that walked through the door?  If you needed an experienced attorney would hire an attorney fresh out of law school?  Would you hire an attorney wearing a polyester suit straight out of a time machine from the 80’s?

Sounds ridiculous I am sure.  But why would you put your trust in your spouse’s brother with a new version of Microsoft Paint?  Why would you hire a graphic artist fresh out of a university?  Why would you hire a shop that specializes in roadside signs to build arguably the single most important feature of your chance to make a great first impression?

Hire a professional.  Locate an established design company that specializes in Law Firm Logo’s and branding.  Find a leader that is established, reputable with a history of success.  Look for a firm like Wells & Drew, Official Supplier of Law Firms® Since 1855.