Memorial Day & Leadership

On 31.05.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

As the United States Celebrates Memorial Day often we are focused more on enjoying the first 3-day weekend of the summer season than we are observing the holiday for what it is.  What is Memorial Day?  It is honoring the leaders of our Armed Forces that have died fighting for our country.  At the Wells & Drew companies we want to take this opportunity to thank the men and women of our Armed Forces that have given their lives for our freedom.  Clearly these leaders are deserving of our gratitude.  If you enjoy your freedom and the unbelievable opportunity freedom brings to your life take a few moments to thank a Veteran you probably have one or more close to you.

In reflecting on our opportunity here in North America it is a great time to take a look at leadership and how leadership plays an integral role in the building of a successful law firm.   Leadership is everything in life and business.  It is not an aspect of building a successful law firm it is everything.  This week in honor of the leadership of our Armed Forces we will focus on leadership.  When leading a team of attorneys, administrative personnel and other ancillary support the following principles apply.

Leadership is positive influence, leaders exude confidence in the direction they are leading the team.  When a leader is focused on where they are heading and leading the team the team builds strength.  The leader of the firm must be a positive and focused influence on the team.  Anything less the leader is simply out for a stroll.  Tomorrow we will discuss  a few more leadership principles to help you lead your legal team to a place of destiny.

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