Pyramid of Success

On 13.07.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Learn the fundamentals of the game and stick to them.  Band-aid remedies never last.  Jack Nicklaus, Legendary Golfer.

In the game of life we must commit to never ending improvement.  I remember reading in “They call me coach” by the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, that every year the first thing coach would do is teach the fundamentals to his team.  Day one he would stand up and say, “gentleman this is a ball”!  The basics are the start of consistent and progressive growth for your law firm.

What are the basics?  To build a law firm there are two sets of skills you must develop.  There are the skills of your trade, the law and the skills of building your law firm.  The basics for your trade are critical for your success as a litigator.  Staying on top of legal trends, law changes, technology for the field, and other areas of your business.  The basics of building a mega law firm begin with character, self improvement, enthusiasm, team building, leadership, marketing, and branding of your product, your law firm.

Having a foundation of character is essential.  Wooden utilized what he titled “The Pyramid of Success”.  He identifies success as peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.  The foundation of the pyramid is: Industriousness, i.e. hard work, commitment and careful planning.  Friendship, i.e. mutual respect and devotion to those in your circle.  Loyalty, i.e. to yourself and those that depend upon you.  Cooperation with all of your coworkers, subordinates and partners. Lastly, Enthusiasm enjoy what you are doing and let others know!