Securities Arbitration Claims against UBS Financial Services Pursued By Klaman & Toskes

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Klayman & Toskes, a Securities Arbitration law firm, today announced that it will continue to pursue securities arbitrations claims against UBS Financial Services with the Office of Dispute Resolution of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, on behalf investors who suffered losses in Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protection Notes. These Notes have also been called as “Principal Protected” Notes.

The law firm has also been retained on behalf of those investors who lost money in a couple of other Lehman Brothers structured products, such as the Return Optimization Notes and Auto-Call Notes.

A lot of Lehman Note holders have filed their claims in the Lehman bankruptcy proceedings with the hope of recovering their losses in the notes through that method instead of filing individual securities arbitration claims.

However, it would seem that based on the Lehman Brothers’ Third Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan, only around 21 cents will be received by investors for every dollar they invested in Lehman Notes. As a result, investors must avail themselves of all the remedies in seeking to recover their losses. This includes filing securities arbitration claims. Additionally, investors must find out if they have to compete with any statute of limitations issues.

Furthermore, while a class action suit has been filed concerning Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protection Notes, investors are reminded by Klayman & Toskes about the benefitis of filing individual arbitration claims compared to joining a class action lawsuit. By joining a class action suit, an investor can only recover a small amount. However, if an investor has experienced considerable investment losses, it can be more beneficial for them to file individual securities arbitration claim.

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