Set it and Forget it!

On 21.07.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

Set it and Forget it!

Conventional wisdom shows that this approach may work for roasting a chicken but for a law firm well we have a bridge in New York for sale as well.  Old school yellow book advertisements and word of mouth is the way to go.  Or is it?  If you believe that well maybe we do have a bridge for sale.  Not only are yellow page advertisements becoming obsolete, more people and the Baby Boomers are leading the way, use Internet searches than any other mode of search combined.  Not sure if you believe that?  Well simply look at the trends, even the phone books are moving to an online format.

In fact, the City of Jacksonville Florida is doing away with phone books.  Not only are they bad for the environment, people simply do not use them anymore.  Information on your cell phone can be expensive but people simply do not care or they use a service like 1-800-GOOG-411 or 1-800-FREE-411 when in a pinch.   The phone companies and phone directory companies are shifting to an on-line format.  But here is the challenge and it is huge.  Phone books and directories are listed alphabetically.  So if you want to standout you will need to pay substantially more money or name your firm AAAAAA and Associates!

This is not an assault on phone directories in fact quite the opposite it is a necessary tool for your law firm.  The people that know you, are looking for you specifically, or are still old school need to find you at every turn.  So what is the “Set it and Forget it” formula?  Search Engine Optimization, a long term and continuous strategy to claim and maintain the number one spot on Google for all of the converting keywords for your practice.  Couple this with an inclusive marketing game plan that includes traditional approaches relevant to the current market place.

You must be visible on the Internet, you must have professional and classy stationery, business cards that stand out, a logo and branding image that is second to none.  Search Engine Optimization by a trusted culturally relevant, English proficient, and a results oriented company is essential.  A quick word of caution, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.  Remember if it is easy it is probably sleazy!  You probably get the emails or calls on a daily basis from an international company for $500 they can get you to number one on Google guaranteed!  By the way you can do that yourself type in your firms name and you will more than likely be number one, will that bring you new clients? There are no short cuts and skimping on this will set you back.

Get all the pots on your marketing stove boiling and lead with a strong SEO website.