Should 100% of Your Marketing Be Online?

On 11.11.15, In Resources, by Blake Houser

Concept of woman and options box on blackboardShould 100% of Your Marketing Be Online?

Google is one of the largest tech companies on the planet, generating over 60 billion dollars a year in revenue. Their entire business model is run online. Heck, they may even be trying to achieve the elusive paperless office. But they still purchase printing. And they purchase HUGE amounts.

Sure, they advertise online (it’s free for them) but they also market with direct mail, for the simple reason of: it generates sales.

Smart companies do what works. It makes sense to market in various ways, when trying to grow your business. Ask the social media consultant if you should focus all your efforts online, they will probably tell you yes. And a print consultant will tell you focus all your efforts in print. Then the search marketing consultant will tell you focus all your efforts in search marketing.

So who is right? None of them.

The answer is, test different marketing channels and see what works. Then focus your efforts on that.

Simple and basic stuff, yet rarely used.


Blake Houser

Client Relations Manager at The Wells & Drew Companies
About the author:
Blake Houser is Client Relations Manager at Wells & Drew. In addition, he is the third generation in this family-owned speciality printing business.

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