The Big Picture

On 27.08.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

The bigger picture…

There is a Celtic song that goes, “I’m starting to see the bigger picture and I am beginning to color it in”!  What is the bigger picture for you and your law firm?  How can you attain it?  Why do you want to achieve it?  These are the questions you must begin to answer in order to build a massive law firm.

The big picture is your desire of what legacy and mark on the profession, community and people you want to make in your life.  Is it a big picture where there is room for others?  Or is it a self-centered view of your own goals?  Having a big view of the mark you can place on this earth requires that you take others along with you.  The team leader should have a picture that is so big that it takes an army of committed soldiers to attain it successfully.

Creating an environment of championship thinking and ultimately results requires a huge look at the big picture.  Coloring it in with plenty of room for others.  Developing an above average will to win and lead others to victory. Prosperous law firms are not built by chance.  They are built by vision, goals and sweat equity by all of the players.  Having a vision that includes many winners, not only your team, family and staff but those you serve as well.