The Client Development Success Formula

On 27.07.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

“Success can be reduced to a formula.  And failure can be reduced to a formula too.  Apply the one and avoid the other.  Think for yourself.” W. Clement Stone

Many Lawyers do not like to think of themselves as a salesman.  Yet every one of us in this world must sell.  We must sell our children on the idea of doing well in school as much as we must sell a potential client on retaining our services.  Therefore it is a wise idea to learn the techniques of a thorough salesman.  From start to finish we must have a game plan.

From the first contact a potential may have with your law firm.  The website must be professional, easy to maneuver within, and easy to find both by clients looking for you in particular or for potential clients looking for your area of practice.  The individual or individuals that answer your phone must be pleasant, friendly, and know what to say and what not to say.

Finally, the number one rule for sales is to follow the ABC’s of the process.  Always, Be, Closing!  From start to finish the goal is to get the retainer fee.  Anything less than that is wasting your time and it is doing a disservice for your potential client.  When you meet with a client via phone or in person agreeing upon retaining your services is the best option for this client if they want to win.  Therefore, do not beat around the bush, ask questions that illicit a positive response for your retention.  So Mr. or Mrs. Potential Client, what you are saying is you need us to provide, XY and Z for you, correct?  Yes, great lets get started today, fair enough?  I will need $12,500 retainer fee to successfully complete your service, can you get me a check this or will this afternoon in my office be best?

Determine what your best close will be, practice it and use it!