The Do’s and Don’ts of Client Development

On 22.06.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

There are two marketing strategies that cannot be overlooked in your client development process.  The first is a content rich and search engine optimized website.  The second is a referral system that leads to more referrals than your firm can handle.  In the development of your referral system first and foremost you must create a client friendly law firm.

Having a clear concise communication policy that every new client is aware of will assist you in your client development efforts.  Your new client welcome pack must include a letter stating your communication policy.  Ensure that your letter states your office hours and who at the office will field calls for which attorney.  Upon acceptance of a new client have that individual reach out to the client to welcome them and their case to the firm.  This is essential in the process.

Developing a client friendly practice will reap you more rewards to your fledgling law firm than any commercial, advertisement or any other marketing strategy you can implement.  Word of mouth works best.  When a young motivated attorney with all the right good intentions gives out his or her cell phone number to attract or close the potential client and then refuses to take his or her phone calls it does damage to their reputation.   At best a referral to a friend may sound like this, “Yes he/she is good but he/she never returns a call, in fact he/she gave me his cell number but never answers it or returns a call”.  That is less than a glaring referral.  Firms that have a clear concise communication policy hear this, “Yes this is an unbelievable firm, I felt as if they were in my corner from start to finish!

Therefore, “Do” have a clear concise written communication policy and “Don’t” tell an potential client that you will do anything that you cannot possibly fulfill.