The History of The Logo

On 29.03.10, In Print & Design, by Blake Houser

Dictionary.Com identifies the word “Logo” or Logograph” Logotype” to be based on the Greek for “word’ or “speech”.  But when we think about Logo what we are talking about is a highly recognizable symbol, the trademark of your company.

The most famous symbol of all time is the “Golden Arches” of McDonalds.  Ask any parent of a toddler today.  They will go 5 miles out of the way to make sure they do not pass a McDonalds with the toddler in the car.  Those Golden Arches create havoc in the back seat and disturb the peaceful drive of the most patient parent.

The Logo’s Roots

The history of the logo can probably be dated back to the beginning of time as we know it, the use of pictures and diagrams used as identification of concepts and communication can be traced back to B.C.   The Assyrians, Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Mayans all utilized pictographs to communicate words and ideas.

Religious groups and religions as a whole have utilized symbols such as the Cross, the Crucifix, and the Star of David to name a few as identification of it’s members.  Social and fraternal groups such as the Freemason’s utilizing the square and compass utilize logos or symbols to identify themselves.  The fire departments across the United States utilize the Maltese cross.

Often these symbols express significant meaning to the bearer of the symbol.  For instance the Cross a Christian may wear as a necklace identifies the individual with the crucifixion of Jesus.  To the more subtle and private use for example the Knights of Columbus in their membership induction ceremony utilize an “Anchor” that is representative of the Cross, a symbol to identify the Roman Catholic foundation of the Knights of Columbus fraternity.

Logo’s Today

Today in this age of marketing and more specifically Internet marketing have a brand that is easily and quickly identifiable is key to the success of any business.  Without having a quick and easily identifiable logo or trademark a company whether large or small may miss out on the opportunity to attract a consistent consumer base. One of the most important parts of your companies brand is your logo, so do not neglect it.

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Blake Houser is Client Relations Manager at Wells & Drew. In addition, he is the third generation in this family-owned speciality printing business.

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