The key to building a massive law firm, build massive relationships!

On 31.08.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

The key to building a massive law firm, build massive relationships!

The key to building a massive law firm lies in our ability to build mutually productive relationships.  There is a saying that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  To build a massive law firm and practice you had better care about people.  Have helping people at the core of your reason to practice law.    Anything less you will be met with mediocre success at best.

How can you assure that people know you care?

The one sure-fire way to let people know that you care begins by caring!  Secondly you express this is by asking people what they need.  Learn to listen. Make sure that in all conversations you listen twice as much as you talk.  If you do all the talking people immediately become repulsed by your arrogance.   Leaders that are listeners are always high achievers and receive more referrals than any of their peers.

When you are meeting with a potential client, after you have listened to their needs always reinforce their needs by restating what you heard followed by a simple question, “have I got that all correct or is there something you would like to add?”  This will ensure that you reinforce that fact that you are a concerned listener and will prevent future challenges with miscommunication!