Want to build a great law firm?

On 03.08.10, In Resources, by Daniel Callahan

Want a great law firm?  Get the best people you can get.  How do you do this?  First make sure your interview process is thorough, ask the right questions.  Get the interviewee talking have them talk about themselves, others, topics of interest, specific topics as they relate to the job or area of practice.  Always utilize follow up questions based upon what you hear the interviewee say.  People love to talk, in fact there are those folks that can talk a great game but when it comes around to it they simply can’t perform.

Get a good sense of why they are looking to move on.  Is this a person you could work with on a daily basis?  Remember this not every person you hire will be a good fit.  Therefore make sure you give yourself a lengthy trial or probationary process.  Know the laws of your State so that you stay within the guidelines of letting someone go.  Take notes throughout this process so you have a paper trail.  Do not make the mistake of blowing anyone issue off because in the end this is your law firm.  This is your business and you deserve the best as well as every client you take a retainer for deserves nothing but the best from you and your team.