What are covert and overt security printing features?

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Covert security feature simplified

As you begin to research using security printing to secure your product or documents, you will hear a lot of terms being tossed around.

Two terms commonly used are Covert and Overt. Similar words with opposite meanings.

 twenty euro banknote under ultra-violet light

twenty euro banknote under ultra-violet light

Covert simply means a hidden image invisible to the naked eye.

An example of a covert image would be one printed with invisible UV inks that fluoresce under UV light. The example in this picture is a €20 banknote under ultraviolet light.

Overt Security feature simplified

hologram on passport

hologram on passport

On the other hand, overt means something that is visible to the naked eye.  For example, a hologram is an overt printing technique.This picture is of a passport hologram, which quickly allows an inspector to glance at the passport and verify the hologram.

This is one line of defense, among several on a passport.

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