Who Is Answering Your Law Firms Phone?

On 30.04.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

First impressions are everything is an understatement.  The first live impression that a consumer has with you and your law firm is the individual answering your phones.  Notice the term “individual” and not automated system.  Do not fall victim to the idea that automated systems are professional, cost effective and free up your administrative staff to focus on other tasks, they are not.  Automated systems are sure fire repellents to your customer base.

It is clear that marketing holds the highest priority for your business. Marketing begins with driving new clients to your firm.  Do not lose these leads before you meet them.  The most serious potential new clients will utilize the phone for their initial contact to your firm.  A client that utilizes the telephone rather than sending an email or completing a contact form on your website is prepared to take action.  This prospect has the highest conversion rate from prospective consumer to client of your firm.  Losing the highest potential candidate to an automated system is beyond unforgivable.

An effective marketing strategy has a live, friendly, personable, trained and skilled individual answering this most important call.  Training and developing an informed representative of your firm is integral to a successful marketing campaign.  This individual must gather all pertinent information including name of the client, contact information, best time and numbers to be contacted, the client’s legal needs and how they located and chose the firm.

The representative must be a friendly and polite communicator.   They must be aware of the critical role they play in the marketing process.  They need to be aware of their role, the potential fiscal benefit to the firm and ultimately their employment and future with the firm.