Winning with your Newsletter

On 22.05.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

Developing a newsletter is only half the battle. Having pertinent and interesting content will move your clients to spend the few minutes it takes to read the newsletter.  Make sure that you have a short humor section, do not be afraid to poke some fun at your profession.  It is completely acceptable to add humor but do not belittle your profession, subtle humor is best.  Once again keep all articles short and sweet.  Make sure that each article has a compelling title that stirs the reader to read more.  The idea of compelling content is to write each sentence in a fashion that compels the reader to read further.

Each newsletter should have an article on a current law change or pertinent information for a life effecting law in your area of expertise.  Offer an article highlighting one of the partners, attorneys, or legal administrative staff.  Additionally, you may want to have a round up segment that summarizes other pertinent journal or scholarly articles in the field.

A professional newsletter will leave the reader with a positive opinion of you and your firm. The information you present must point to you as the foremost expert on the subject and will assist you in gaining credibility for your branding process.   This is not the time or place to be humble always write in the third person and point to your knowledge and expertise.  Your readers will respect and point to you as the expert when the need or opportunity arises for them.

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