You get what you give…

On 02.12.10, In Legal Marketing, by Daniel Callahan

You get what you give.  Tucker Hall, co-Founder of Volcom.

On the negative side of the equation; “Nature gives all, without reservation, and loses nothing; man or woman, grasping all, loses everything.  James Allen. The law of the universe cannot be broken.  Leaders that have built highly profitable law firms recognize the need to give beyond the call of duty.  Pro-Bono work can be extremely rewarding and in most states is a bit more than a simple suggestion.  However, giving without the expectation of reward is a key ingredient for building a highly profitable law firm.

Pro-bono work is not the only source of gifting.  Spending time working in the community with associates like the Kiwanis or other civic groups will pay off with huge dividends for you and your firm.  Again, in all you do keep an attitude of gratitude and focus on what you have to offer others rather than what the return is for you and your firm and magic occurs!