What are covert and overt security printing features?

twenty euro banknote under ultra-violet light

As you begin to research using security printing to secure your product or documents, you will hear a lot of terms being tossed around. Two terms commonly used are Covert and Overt. Similar words with opposite meanings. Covert simply means a hidden image invisible to the naked eye. An example of a covert image would […]

Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

Speaking before several people can make many people jittery, which is why many people shy away from taking the mic whenever possible. However, there may come a time when you need to make a presentation, and knowing what to avoid will ensure that your presentation goes smoothly. Last-Minute Preparation Many people know that cramming isn’t […]

History, Life, Feeling, and Meaning in Your Paper

Strathmore is a highly acclaimed name when it comes to the production of quality papers. Founded in 1892, users have regarded the Strathmore name as synonymous to beauty, design, and quality. The inspiration in the production of such fine pieces of paper comes from the lovely flora of the Strathmore Valley of Scotland. Horace Moses, […]

Don’t confuse networking with marketing.

Not to minimize the benefits of networking – but networking is not marketing. Joining a club or an association, in the hope that over time you might bump into someone who could use your services, is not an effective way to grow your revenues. Marketing is a strategic activity that has a measurable return on […]

New Carnivores – An Interesting Look at the Numbers Behind the Business of Law

  – By Roger Davis, Account Executive, Wells & Drew – In September, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the LMA (Legal Marketing Association) had Brent Turner with Thomson Reuters’ Peer Monitor program speak and it was very insightful. In short, the Peer Monitor group has been gathering financial data on nearly half the AmLaw 200 […]

The Real Reason Companies Pay Too Much for Their Printing

The common scenario: Mary is in charge of operations at her company. She has a situation with their printing and is not receiving the company’s business cards in a timely manner and the quality has become subpar. Mary picks up the phone, calls another printer, and she tells the printer the difficulties she’s currently experiencing […]

How to Waste Money on Advertising

The easiest job in the marketing world is “advertising” … you know – the big budget stuff. For example, the fancy TV commercials or two-page spreads in national magazines that do not solicit responses and have no way of measuring effectiveness. In a weird twist, these ad agencies also make the most money, charging gross […]

7 Proven Principles to Improve Your Next Marketing Campaign

Principle 1 – Be Precise Narrow down who you are marketing to. By that, I don’t mean your niche, that is a given. Who are the particular people you want to do business with? Just because your niche is the education sector does not mean all entities inside the education market are your target market. […]

Three Ways to Improve Any Business Card

Design – A good business card starts at design. The fanciest paper and best printing in the world cannot save a bad design. Some simple things to do on your next card order are to declutter the card. For example, if you have a fax number, a local phone plus your 800 number (I have […]