The Guide to Great Logo Design

Secrets Of The World’s Best Logos
That You Can Use On Your New Logo

How do clients and customers come to know your business? Most often, they see your company logo on your Web site or in an advertisement long before they decide to contact you. Logos are a vital element of that all-important “first impression.” A good logo can help sell your product or service; a bad logo can leave that sale stillborn. Good logos convey strength and purpose. Bad ones suggest confusion and incompetence.

Create A Powerful, Timeless Logo…

There are several guiding principles behind effective logo design. The best logo should be memorable, timeless, and versatile and, of course, appropriate. But over the decades that we have been creating strong, effective logos for our clients, we have found one overriding principle, “less is always more.” Your business may be complicated, with many moving parts, but your logo should be as simple and powerful as possible.

Follow The Fortune 500 — Keep It Simple…

What do all of the world’s great logos have in common? They — and 80% of all Fortune 500 companies — keep their logos simple. But do not confuse simple with easy. A successful logo is not easy to produce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it simple. Fill out the form to get the full report absolutely free.



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