Transcript Paper

Script Armor™ The Seal of Authenticity for Transcripts

Script Armor™ Transcript Paper is the perfect solution for colleges seeking a secure, professional and affordable transcript paper. The Script Armor security features make it nearly impossible to accurately duplicate an original while allowing for Unofficial Copies to be made. Additionally, we can add your schools custom logo with a chemical watermark in the paper. Watermarks on either side.

Script White is a unique color that incorporates a security hidden message that becomes visible on a photo copy.

Available in 8-1/2” x 11”.


  1. Authentic watermark: Script Armor name and logo on the lower center of sheet.
    Hold to light to authenticate.
  2. ALL DIRECTIONAL Hidden Message Technology
    The words “COPY” and “UNOFFICIAL” appear on the photocopy in the background. Image may vary depending upon the copier used to make photocopy.
  3. GENUINE VALIDATION Anti-copy coin rub
    Easily Authenticate and Validate Original by scratching a coin on either side of the sheet, revealing “GENUINE” authentication mark.
  1. Anti-erase protection security background
    Marks appear where erased with ink eraser.
  2. UV Hidden Fiber Protection
    Secure Hidden Fibers are revealed under black light
  3. ALL DIRECTIONAL Artificial Anti-copy
    “GENUINE” appears on both sides. This will not appear when the document is duplicated. Hold to light to confirm “genuine” appears to identify original.
  4. Chemical Reactivity Security
    Indicator Stains – oxidant (bleach), high & low polarity solvents, acids, alkalis will appear when chemically tampered.