Business Cards

Thick Impressions™

Bold Impressions Made With 3-Ply Business Cards

Turn the card sideways and you’ll discover its secret: the Thick Impressions card consists of three separate cards bonded together. That’s why we call it the “Thick Impressions” business card because it’s thicker than other cards and makes quite an impression.

This triple ply construction is achieved by putting a special adhesive on both sides of the middle card, then pushing the three pieces together with a press applying 3 tons of pressure, transforming it into a single card in which the layers will never, ever separate. The middle insert is red,blue, black or white so a distinctive color band shows when the card is viewed sideways.

Available Color Inserts

Pricing Details

Quantity Price
100 Cards
250 Cards
500 Cards

The more cards you order the more money you save. Plus you won’t run out before your next big meeting.

Ready To Make An Impression?

Your new Thick Impressions business cards will get all the attention they deserve. Hand-made and quality-inspected for over a century and a half.