28 Marketing Secrets of The Top Law Firms

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

– The #1 reason why many attorneys struggle to grow their practice
– A simple exercise that will ensure that your reach your business goals
– Why even the most profitable market may be the wrong market
– Your clients don’t want to deal with a lawyer: discover why


Since it was first published in 2009, it has been read and enjoyed by thousands of lawyers and marketers nationwide. This updated 2.0 release has a new, trusted and vetted vendors section. Additionally, we have condensed some of the material, making it easier to read, and have updated the marketing secrets as needed.

Why is it that some attorneys seem to have the Midas touch?

They make building a lucrative law practice look easy. For some reason new clients flock to their door; they get a continuous flow of referrals and their clients always come back. What is it that sets these attorneys apart?

It’s not because they are better at what they do, in fact expertise has little to do with success.

It’s not because their office is in a prime location nor is it because they are well connected. Actually there’s very little difference between a top law firm and the average attorney, but when building a law practice a small difference can have a huge impact on results.

In fact, one or two small changes can often double or even triple billable hours.

The biggest and most dramatic difference between a top law firm and the average attorney is top firms recognize that a law practice is a business.

This creates a paradigm shift.

While most attorneys don’t use words like sales, closing, prospecting, packaging and marketing to describe their profession, this is common jargon for attorneys that recognize they are running a business.

The 28 Marketing Secrets of the Top Law Firms will show you the field-tested techniques that North America’s most successful law firms are already using to grow their client base and increase billings.



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