Engraving vs. Printing

Engraving vs. Printing

What’s the difference anyway?

Engraving and printing both have their places in the business community. However, one or the other will be best for you depending on how it’s used.

When engraving is better.

Engraving tends to work better when you have simple images that do not go beyond two colors. Your firm’s letterhead or business card for example. While it is slightly more expensive than traditional offset printing, it consistently yields the sharpest image of all traditional methods. Further, the end product is elegantly raised off of the paper, which engages the “touch” effect within us all. Engraving is consistently used in the circles of the well-heeled.

When offset printing is better.

Offset printing can be utilized in many areas of your communication stream. For instance, it’s often used to enhance engraving by adding another color, printing solid fields of colors or when utilizing a design that simply is beyond the scope of engraving.

When used with foil stamping, embossing or engraving, offset printing can add another dimension to your product. Another advantage of offset printing is its lower cost in large volume. If you’re printing billing envelopes, business cards, mailing labels or brochures in large quantities, have us quote offset printing. You may be surprised at your savings.

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