How To: Brochure Design

How-to: Brochure Design

We break out the contents that every law firm brochure should have.

  1. The cover: White and Blue are the most popular although some firms have a color that is important in their firm and they would like to stay with that. Example: green, burgundy, etc.
  2. Logo on the front: This is either Foil Stamped or Engraved on the front of the brochure.
  3. Inserts on side pockets: Most inserts consist of the attorney bios. These are created uniformly for each attorney and consist of a four-color picture, gradating schools, bar associations, personal information etc.
  4. Stitched in body: Usually one sheet that is folded to create four separated pages. Here is where most firms will place information that is not likely to change.


A. History of the Firm. B. Practice areas. C. Contact areas, etc.

Remember – this is a custom brochure so you’ll have the ability to change any and all elements to suit your needs.

Decide which style and size brochure you would like for the samples we send out. Most popular are still the Letter Size and the #10 Envelope size.

Prices are usually somewhere form $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the number of inserts, the number of inside pages, the stock of the cover and number of colors for the cover.

Wells & Drew’s team of graphic designers makes the creation of your firm brochure easy and fast. By using your information either off your web site or from information you provide, we design the layout with stock or client-supplied photos and e-mail PDF proofs back to you. Simply view the proofs, revise as needed and send it back. We revise until you are satisfied.

Have a custom design or request?