Elevate Your Brand with our Signature Watermarks

Crafting indelible imprints of trust, prestige, and genuine authenticity for your brand


Authentically Distinctive

True brand security isn’t just about protecting your name but creating a mark that’s inimitable and undeniably yours.

At Wells & Drew, we are specialists in the craft of watermarking, forging trust, prestige, and genuine authenticity for your brand.

Key Highlights

Noteworthy Features

Integrate the essence of permanence with our bespoke watermarks, seamlessly infused onto premium paper, impervious to alteration, replication, or removal.

Elevate your brand’s identity by imprinting a mark that resonates with your ethos.

Tailored visibility options ensure the watermark complements the paper, standing out distinctly on our 25% cotton 24 lb. sheets.

Experience unrivaled clarity as the watermark becomes a seamless part of the paper, reinforcing your documents with an unmistakable mark of authenticity and quality.

Unalterable & Permanent

Our custom watermarks become an integral part of the paper, ensuring they cannot be modified, replicated, or removed.

Tailored to Your Brand

Amplify your corporate image with a distinctive mark that perfectly aligns with your brand's ethos and narrative.

Optimal Visibility

The ability to lighten or darken the watermark. Offered primarily on 25% cotton, 24 lb., our watermarks are especially pronounced in lighter paper, ensuring they stand out prominently.

Enhanced Clarity

Crafted primarily using 25% cotton 24 lb. paper to enhance the quality of the watermark. Custom sheets available.

Our Watermarking Process

Go beyond the ordinary




Our signature watermarking system ensures every crest, logo, or design is impeccably infused with the finished paper.

Experience the prestige of genuine watermarking starting with orders as low as 500 sheets.

We take pride in consistently meeting our production deadlines, ensuring your brand’s watermark is ready when you need it.


Watermark Placements

Strategic Positioning for Lasting Impact

We offer versatile placement options within a paper sheet, catering to both security demands and design aesthetics.


Watermark appears in a pre-determined position on every sheet within a half-inch tolerance of the intended placement.


Watermark appears in the center of the sheet side-to-side, but may move up and down.


Mark is "paraded" across the page, either horizontally or vertically, localized or random.

Unrivaled in Quality

The Wells & Drew Promise

While other watermarks merely sit on the paper, ours is infused into the very fabric.

Our commitment to quality, precision, and brand enhancement is unparalleled.

Ready to elevate your brand? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 800.342.8636.