Law Disallowing Commercial Drivers from Using Hand-Held Cell Phones Passed

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January 1, 2011

A final ruling was recently made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA concerning cellular phone use by commercial truckers. Those who operate buses and commercial trucks will no longer be allowed to use any hand-held cellular phones while driving their vehicles on various roadways in the nation.

The new regulation will take effect on January 3 of next year, or a month after the official statement and paperwork was made by the FMCSA. No driver will be permitted to hold a mobile phone in one hand while navigating the road with the other. The rule also establishes various disciplinary actions if they are found breaking the rule. Such offenses will count as violations of traffic rules. Accumulated can also lead to the revocation of the offender’s commercial driving license.

Those who violate the restrictions established by the new regulation will face federal civil penalties of as much as $2,750 for each offense. For multiple offenses, the driver faces possible disqualification from operating a commercial motor vehicle.

States can suspend a driver’s commercial license after two or more serious violations. Bus and commercial truck companies, that permit their drivers to use hand-held cellular phones while navigating the nation’s roadways, faces up to $11,000 in penalties. This hand-held cell phone ban follows the September 2010 prohibition on texting while driving a bus or commercial truck.

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