Nashville Meeting Focused on the Topic of Online Music Piracy

On 25.07.11, In Legal Industry, by Blake Houser



This week in Nashville, dozens of music industry officials will be meeting to discuss ways on how to prevent online music piracy.

Around 70 people will be attending sessions that have been organized by the Digital Data Exchange, or DDEX, to develop methods for copyright tracking and enforcement, as well as study the digital supply chain standards.

Among those who will attend the event are representatives of international digital retailers, record companies, digital distributors and aggregators, publishers, music rights societies and a host of technical service providers.

The event, which is scheduled to run for a week, is designed to recommend how Nashville industry representatives can improve the efficiency of their digital business, as well as save cost and increase sales.

Kirit Joshi, the DDEX chairman, said, “Every industry has standards which are voluntary and free to use and DDEX provides these for the music industry. We also do a lot to encourage implementations so the industry as a whole can reap the benefits of high levels of automation based on those standards.”

According to data made available by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), music piracy is costing the U.S. economy some $12.5 billion in annual revenues, and is responsible for the loss of around 70,000 jobs.

Recently, record labels and others have announced that they have developed a program that will alert Internet subscribers if their accounts are utilized to access unauthorized songs and other content.

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