5 Ways to Kill a Good Design

5 Ways to Kill a Good Design

When creating a design you want it to show who you are as a company. With out words it should explain to the customer what your business is and what you can do for them. You logo design is your identity as a business. A lot of companies’ will take the good design and kill it right away.

1. Everyone must agree

All owners, share holders and executives in office need to agree upon the design. To many times one person will be put in charge of a project, telling the designer that they are the only one who’s opinion is needed on the design. After months of hard work creating the companies design, someone in the company ends up not being happy and everything is in shambles and the idea is tossed.

2. Hiring the wrong designer

A company can have the best design in mind, ready to go onto the drawing table. Then hiring the wrong designer can take that great design idea and kill it. Outsourcing the position of a designer is very important. To many companies will put the task on current employees with NO experience in designing. It is very important to find an expert designer who has experience working in your companies line of business.

3. Time is Money

Time is money, but when rushing a designer into creating a masterpiece you could be setting your business design up for disaster and loose money in the end. A good design needs time to grow and become a great. You don’t want a design that could have been great killed by not giving enough time and offering the appropriate resources to your designer.


Communication within an business is important when choosing a design. All business management needs to be “on the same page” and communicate their opinions properly when it comes to making decisions in regard to a design.  Lack of communication within a company and result in a design disaster.

5. Change when it is not needed

Many businesses feel a need for change. To change their internal and external appearance, even when it is not necessary. They will take what was once a good design and  kill it with a “design face lift”.