American Lawyers Find Jobs in Legal Outsourcing Firms

American Lawyers Find Jobs in Legal Outsourcing Firms



Young American lawyers today find it dim to land as an associate in some big law firms. Due to the economic crunch, law firms have made it a point to cut hiring. They also moved to a low-tier pay system for new associates. Corporations are likewise reducing their legal department, thereby giving a slimmer chance for fresh lawyers to be hired by companies. But, outsourcing firms provide hope.  They are the ones that give jobs to lawyers today.

Outsourcing firms start out hiring lawyers for $50,000 to $80,000 in a year. This amount may not be the compensation that lawyers have been looking forward to but is way better than not being hired at all.

Because these lawyers charge much lesser, their services have become more attractive to American clients. So instead of getting offshore services, clients hire American lawyers to do the jobs that they require.

According to Sanjay Kamlani, Pangea3’s co-chief executive, the only way for them to be able to deliver good quality services is to have an onshore facility. Pangea3 is a legal outsourcing firm that has offices in Mumbai and New York.

Pangea3 was bought by Thomson Reuters in November. Their new office would require several lawyers to work during U.S. business hours, specifically on areas that are hard to perform outside the country like writing military contracts and also export control documents. Pangea3 was one of those companies that grew during the recession, which has in turn attracted investors, such as Thomson Reuters.

Outsourcing firms are truly on the rise today. In the United States, where there are no jobs available for lawyers in other firms, there is always a chance of finding one with outsourcing firms.