Apple Duly Preparing for Legal Battle Against Phone Giant – Nokia

Apple Duly Preparing for Legal Battle Against Phone Giant – Nokia


Apple hires some of the best IP attorneys in the country as a means of fortifying its stand in a legal battle against phone giant – Nokia.  Apple is the well-known manufacturer of one of the most popular smartphones in the world, which is the iPhone. Nokia on the other hand, is the maker of one of the most-widely used phones in the world.

This legal battle between the two tech giants has been brewing for several months already. In fact, a report made by Bloomberg stated that Apple has been considered as the most-sued tech firm in the world since 2008.

In October 2009, Nokia sued Apple for allegedly infringing of some of its patents. The countersuit filed by Apple alleged the same thing. Apple also made claims that the original goal of Nokia when it sued Apple was for Apple to turn over proprietary technology, which actually sets the iPhone apart from other similar smart phones available. These claims were denied by Nokia.

The legal team that Apple put together comprise of lawyers who have won various patent suits in the technology industry. Some of them are Noreen Krall, the past chief IP counsel of Sun Microsystems and IP attorney for IBM, Robert Krupa, who negotiated the settlement between Creative Technology and Apple, William Lee, who represented Broadcom Corp. against Qualcomm, and Matt Powers, who represented Merck & Co. in a patent case. A lot of people expect the end result as a settlement between the two tech giants.