Brewing Debate Caused by Service-Worker Law in Arizona

Brewing Debate Caused by Service-Worker Law in Arizona



Teachers, cosmetologists, real-estate agents, as well as tens of thousands of restaurant personnel will soon have to hand over a photo ID and proof that they are in the country legally so they can get government-issued license, certificate or permit. These documents are oftentimes required in various types of jobs.

However, a number of business leaders said that it is a solution that is in search of a problem and, aside from impeding business, will only add to the already ballooning government expenditures.

The new law only applies to any person who “provides a service” to another individual and would need a license or other official documents issued by the government in order to perform such service.

It also appears that the focus of the law is on restaurant employees seeking a food-service-worker-card. These types of cards are required from any employee or volunteer who handle, prepare, serve, sells or gives away food for human consumption.

The author of the new law is a Republican from Fountain Hills, Rep. John Kavanagh. According to Rep. Kavanagh, when he went to get his own food-service-worker-card for volunteer work, he was surprised to be handed a photo-ID card without showing proof as to who he said he was.

He said that he asked the person handing out the card, “How do you know I’m not a friend taking the test for John Kavanagh? And how do you know I’m not in the country illegally?”

According to Kavanagh, there are a number of reasons why the law is needed. He said that the new state law, which goes into effect on July 20, will further discourage illegal immigrants from coming to the state of Arizona to work. He also said that the measure will also thwart identity theft.